Welcome To Somerton Infant School

We are a small school of 115 pupils of ages 4 – 7 years.  We are able to provide excellent facilities in a community where every child is valued and supported in achieving their potential.  We take great pride in both our indoor and outdoor environment which contributes positively to the attitudes, behaviour and motivation of our pupils. The quality of the learning environment is very important to children, and has a considerable influence on their academic standards. We aim therefore to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment, making maximum use of the opportunities provided by both the grounds and buildings of the school and of the wider community in which the school is situated.

All teachers ensure that their classroom is an attractive and stimulating place where high standards of learning are promoted and where pupils are:

  • engaged, interested and motivated;
  • able to independently support learning in the topics being studied;
  • recognised for their work and effort;
  • able to recognise excellent work and help to promote high standards.


Our Mission Statement is:

Our school promotes learning opportunities through creativity, play, investigation and varied experiences in a happy and caring environment.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff is committed to develop within each individual self awareness, sensitivity, positive self esteem and respect for others and the environment.  Independence is encouraged and individuals supported where appropriate and differences valued.

We have high expectations and motivate all members of the school community towards achieving their full potential and developing skills for lifelong learning.